Friday, May 5, 2017


Today I'm gonna teach you how to copy and paste Movies from Disc to your Computer System
Most of people only known how to play disc from their PC, only to insert and automatic play, but sometime you insert disc to your computer refuse to play.
these are the things you need to do after inserted disc to your computer and refused to play,
Make sure the disc is not corrupted, if you insert corrupted disc to your computer, your computer might not play it and might also damage your computer CD Rom.

Insert your Disc to your CD Rom Drive

Click on "Window" or "Start" at the left bottom of your screen, click on "Computer"

Right Click on your CD Rom Drive Icon

Click on Explore,

Highlight both Audio and Video in that folder

Right click on them

Select Copy

Minimize or close all folder your opened file

now, create new folder for For it or paste it to existing folder,

How to Create New Folder for it

Right click on Desktop

select "New" and click on Folder

Rename your Folder to the title of that film or any name that you wish save it

Open or right click on that Folder and paste is there 
That's All

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