Tuesday, May 16, 2017



Outside Ayoni’s house her mother was serving her father food when they both saw the car driving toward their house and they were watching who was going to come out surprise they saw Ayoni and the mother was so happy and was singing  praise of her and she greeted her mother and later introduce Ayo to them. The mother was teasing her daughter about Ayo,ayo later took excusive to live. Ayoni father ask if Ayo was going back to Lagos but said no that he has family in the village but was asked who, and something   interrupted and he promise to check back later in the day with is family.

Adigun who has sneak in to the village right before from u.s.a. after encounter series of problem in u.s.a he was inside when Ayo arrived there house Adigun mother who was outside the house getting ready for the market she saw ayo’s car and wondering who was inside, to his surprise it was ayo she shouted and it is more than happy and  at the same time they both went inside and saw his nephew they sat down and told there different story it was a sad day for the family and they decide to find solution to Adigun case, ayo later told her sister about a lady she fall in love with and that she is from that village.

          Finding solution to Adigun problem they went to see an herbalist who later told them that Adigun make an oath with someone and as betrayed it, Adigun said he never do that on getting to the house the mother pleaded to his son to think wisely while discussing that ayo told his aunt about the lady Ayoni and that she is from the village the aunt feel so happy and ask which house, ayo not too familiar with the environment and  told her aunt that he knows the house and he has promise to pay them a visit later she feel so happy about what her brother said and she decide to go immediately on getting to Ayoni’s house her aunt ask if he was sure about where they were coming and ayo said yes the aunt said over my dead body Ayoni mother also ask is this your sister and she also said no ayo sister left the place with anger. on getting home he ask her sister what happen she said is not possible for two brothers to date the same woman, elders were called to settle the issues Adigun never had anything to do with Ayoni sexually but later solution was provided for adigun’s problem the oath was settled Adigun can never marry Ayoni, ayo married Ayoni and live happy ever after.

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