Friday, June 23, 2017

10 Best Hacking Apps for Android

Yes, You heard right. You can also use your android phone for hacking. As you know, we can get full access to our android device after rooting it. The list of best android hacking apps is in this post. But most apps require you to have root access in order to use them.

WiFi Kil
I already told you about this app in our previous post named Android Hacking Tricks. This app is usually made to disconnect or we can say to block any device from using wifi. And if you use this app to disconnect all other devices from wifi, you will get all wifi speed in your phone.

AndroRAT (Android Remote Administration Tool) is a RAT tool to remotely hack any phone. It is client/server app developed in java for android platform. Using this tool, you can get all confidential information of your target like Calls, Messages, GPS, Files etc. Means to say that you can remotely control your victims phone.

We have great tools for SQL Injection in Linux and Windows OS like SQLMap or Havij which make it very easy to perform SQL Injection attack against any target URL. But we can do the same in android. We have DroidSQLi app which give us ability to perform SQL Injection attack against target. This app is pretty easy to understand. All you have to do is enter you target URL with parameter and click Launch Attack button. Then you can browse database of your target website.

Hackode is also an app specially for Ethical Hackers and Penetration Testers. As i told you about important task that must be performed for successful penetration test in my previous post name Phases of Ethical Hacking. This app helps to perform all those tasks (Information Gathering, Scanning, Exploiting etc.) against target. This app is all in one for those tasks.

Kali Linux already have tools to perform DOS attacks against our target. But now we have an app for the same task and its name AnDOSid which is developed for stress and penetration testing. But not for all long time. This app helps to perform DoS and DDoS attack and is powerful enough take down whole server of target website.

NMap for Android
In my old posts, I told you about scanning which is second step of any successful penetration test and consists of Port and Vulnerability Scanning. NMap (best port scanning tool) is available for most of operating systems today and comes pre installed in Kali Linux. And now it is also available for android. Using NMap in our android phone, we can scan for open ports of target. One thing, I like about this app is that it works in both rooted and non rooted phones.

WhatsApp Sniffer
Suppose you and your victim are on the same wifi network and you wants to spy on your victims whatsapp account. Using this app, we can perform man in the middle attack. We can sniff whatsapp data (chats, audios, videos) of victim using this Whatsapp Sniffer app if you and your victim are on the same wifi.

I already mentioned about Session Hijacking in <————hack somesones facebook account article—->. Session Hijacking method is mostly used to hack social newtworking profile passwords. Using Faceniff app we can perform session hijacking attack. It works nearly for every social networking site like Facebook, twitter etc.

What if you got a fully featured penetration testing and ethical hacking tool kit in your android phone. And that's what we will talk about now. Zanti is must have app for this type of tasks (hacking). Zanti is a penetration testing toolkit which will let you test security level in just push of button.

Another session hijacking app used to hack social networking profiles like Facebook and twitter if you and your victim are on the same wifi network. It works in rooted devices only.

So this is the list of best hacking apps for android of 2016–17. Using these apps you can turn your android phone in fully fledged hacking and penetration testing  machine. Share this list with your friends.

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