Friday, June 23, 2017

How to control pc with android using unified remote app

Let’s do some interesting stuff. We are going to control pc with android. In this article, I will show you how to control pc from android using unified remote app.

Unified Remote is an android app which gives our smart phone ability to connect with our pc and take control over pc with just an app. This app has both paid and free version. You can download unified control app for nearly every platform. This guide is only for android and window pc users, but same concept is for other platforms. It doesn’t make much different. 
Just follow this step by step guide and then you will have control of your pc on your smart phone.
Step 1:-   Download and install Unified Control Server in your windows pc from below link. Installation    
                process is quite easy.
Click on Windows icon to download it for windows.
Step 2:- Download and install Unified Remote app from Play Store in your android phone.
Step 3:- Once Unified Remote server is installed in your pc, it will start and run server automatically. Now it is in listening mode. You will be able to see its icon in tray on taskbar.
Step 4:- Open Unified Remote app in your android phone. It will ask you to register and login first. You can 
              use your Gmail account or you can also skip this step.
Step 5:- In the next step, It will ask you which type of connection you want to use. If you want to use Wi-Fi click on Enable Wi-Fi button or if already enabled, just skip this and click on Continuebutton.
Step 6:- On next screen it will prompt you with an order to install server. Because we have installed server in first step, we will click on I’ve Installed the server.

Step 7:- If it is giving any error or you are unable to connect. Let’s give it a fresh start. Enable WiFi hotspot in your phone and connect your pc with hotspot.

Step 8:- Right click on Unified Remote icon in tray on task bar to open options. Click stop and then start it again and finally click on Manager Option.
Step 9:- Now it will open a browser. You will see a LAN detected option and an ip address. Just keep a note of that ip address.
Step 10:- Open unified remote app in your phone. Go to Options > Server. And then click on + button to create and save a new server.
Step 11:- Now enter any name in Display Name field and enter your computer’s ip address (that you found in 9th step) in IP Address field.
 And that’s all. Now you can use your phone as your computer’s mouse, keyboard, media etc. Here is an image showing you list of controls and you need to click on desired task to perform it.

Was not it quite easy to control pc with android. If you are facing any problem, you can ask me by commenting.
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