Saturday, June 3, 2017

What to do If Your ATM Card lost or is Stolen, Here are the thnigs to do

there is Nobody plays with their money. That’s why many people are very careful. Our ATM card was connected into our bank account, you will be Feel or cause to feel anxious of troubled, Imagine you receiving message that someone has withdraws your money from an unknown destination. So, if your ATM card was lost or been stolen, 

Don’t Anxiety  
although It’s money that we are talking about. Some of people might even pee in their pants if their ATM card gets lost. so you don’t have to do kind of things. Just relax and Compose yourself and do the needful thing. If you are not be careful, your money would have disappeared before you recover from your watery reaction.

Call  your bank Services
The first thing you should do is to contact your bank services, Banks now have many branches in many Area and other parts of the country, You can just walk into your bank. if your bank branch is far from you or it holiday you can get their contact through their website or search for their e-mail address or phone number in google, inform them what happened so that they can block your ATMcard. It will be stop them from be able to have access to your money from your account. 

Make Sure You Change your Bank Details  
Since your ATM card details has been compromised, you need to do everything possible to control where your card number is currently shared. If your ATM card was link to any online Shopping or bills pay sites, go through each of the account and remove all your linked details as soon as possible so that any future purchases can only be made by manually entering ATM card details

Change your PIN
You Might be with your ATMcard but your card numbers and Details in your ATM card might have been stolen. incase of this and you suspect so, you have to change your PIN. you should still report to your bank Customer Service.

Checks All Your transaction All times 
You should been checks your account from time to time if your ATM card was lost stole. This will help you monitor your account activities.

Go and Request for new card
You will be issued a new ATM card for a small fee. This will be done only if inform your bank.

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