Wednesday, July 12, 2017

3 Disadvantages Of Using Free Domains Like .ml .tk Etc

Free Domains 

Free Domains is good because it is free and save money, but has many disadvantages, the disadvantages are even more than it advantages, don't worry this post will tell you more about that.

 What Are  Free Domains?

Free domains simply means the domains that are gotten for free without paying any dime, it is validity for a year and after that year, it will be renewed with money. Examples of free domains are .ml, .tk, and others.

Advantages Of Free Domains

Free domains are having advantages and disadvantages, but the advantages will be given to you now. They are listed below:-
  1. It is Free
  2. It is short and easy to get. Eg.
  3. It helps the blogger platform to remove from the URL
Note:-  It is not advisable to use .ml instead of because of the free domains disadvantages.

Disadvantages Of Free Domains.

This is today's topic, there are lot of disadvantages of using free domains which some bloggers didn't know, though some knew that but they are using it for the main time till they get custom domain which isn't advisable.
The Disadvantages are listed below:-

1. Blog's Appearance On Search Engine:-

If you are the type of blogger who is using free domain your blog won't get high rank on search engines, is like you want free things to overcome quality things (Custom Domain) which isn't possible. And if possible that you are a blogger who knows about seo very Well, google may index and crawl your blog, but what I knew is that is can't be the first on search engines.

2. Low Traffics:-

This is the second disadvantage of using free domains, if your blog isn't high in search engine you can't be getting plenty traffics and some people won't even click your links talkless of visiting your blog.

3. Unable To Earn Money With The Blog:-

You won't be to get Google adsense approval, but some blogger uses free domains and get approved, it is rare but if the free domain is like 3months old, it might get approved.


Ending Of Blogging Career:-

When you couldn't earn money, get traffics, comments and others, you will be feeling like stop blogging and this might lead to end of you'd blog.

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