Sunday, July 9, 2017

Download BetaGol To Use Glo 0.0kb Free Browsing Cheat on PC

Glo 0.0kb unlimited free browsing has been one of the best and longest cheat this year for Android users especially those fortunate to be residing in areas with strong Globacom network. It basically works with the help of VPN apps like Tweakware, Stark, AnonyTun, Psiphon, UC mini handler and the likes but PC users were deprived just as iPhone users are always left out.
BetaGol VPN PC
Now you can enjoy Glo free browsing cheat on your PC via BetaGol.exe App which can be installed on Laptops and desktop computers running virtually all Windows versions.

BetaGol VPN App is a PC version of Tweakware and it's used for Glo 0.0kb free browsing as well as other cheats which will be cracked and posted on this blog soon. So get ready for the configurations as it's easy to use via a Wi-Fi, modem or any device which gets your connected to the internet on PC. Isn't that interesting?

To enjoy Glo unlimited browsing and downloading via PC, follow the steps carefully.

1. Your Glo SIM Card with 0.0KB balance
2. A Strong 3G Network
3. Download Java Run Time App for PC
4. Download BetaGol for PC
5. Register For Tweakware Premium
6. Your PC
7. Internet connection medium (Modem, Dongle, Smartphone etc)


✔ Ensure you have downloaded the above required files, get a Tweakware premium account in Step 5 by paying just N500. It valid for one month!

✔ After that, Install BetaGol for PC as well as Java Run Time App you downloaded from the links i provided above

✔ Now open the App and log in with your details then click START and wait for few monutes for it to connect.

✔ Once connected, launch your favourite browser and enjoy unlimited downloads with Glo.

IMPORTANT: For downloading via Internet Download Manager (IDM) using BetaGol for PC, setup your IDM like this:
Port: 8080


✔ It's unlimited
✔️ It can be used for web browsing, downloading and streaming videos
✔️ You have the freedom to access all websites including restricted ones
✔️ It's easy to setup
✔️ It supports Modem, WiFi and Smartphone connection via tethering


✔ It requires minimum of N500 for Tweakware premium subscription which expires after a month but continues running once your resubscribe.
✔ Free users can't enjoy this cheat

What do you think about this? Though it requires premium account but considering the fact that this tweak is unlimited, I think you should give it a try. But please don't waste your time and money if Glo network is not strong in your location.
Happy browsing!

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