Wednesday, July 12, 2017

How To Add Images And Files To Comment Box On WordPress

Have been thinking of this since that isn't there any way to upload photo with comment but now there is solution to it now. Our topic for today is How To Add Images To Comment Box On WordPress so now continue to the next paragraph.

Adding Images To Comment?

This simply means attaching images with the comments, for example, If you post about cheat or a tutorial and a person want to show you what happen he can screenshot and upload the screenshot for you.

How To Add Images To Comment Box On WordPress

Follow the following steps to perform the task.
Firstly Login To Your WordPress Dashboard.wordpress dashboard
Then go to plugin and then add new.
wordpress add new plugin
Now search for Comment Attachments plugin and install and active it.

The settings for this plugin is found in Settings>Discussion>Comment Attachment. Where you will choose the type of files to show on the comment box. Shown in screenshot below:-
the settings for this plugin is found in settings discussion comment attachment.
Save and view your blog and you will see that the import button is there

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