Sunday, July 9, 2017

Latest Etisalat Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat Settings Via Your Freedom App

Hello guys, we have Etisalat unlimited free browsing cheat via your freedom app for Android devices in Nigeria. This one is not limited to daily 60mb as we have been blazing for the past few months now. 

Your-freedom app is one of the oldest free browsing app used both on mobile phones, tablets and even PC (laptop and desktops). I could remember using it on Symbian phone way back in 2008 with MTN. I enjoyed unlimited internet access and got tired of downloading stuffs. The interesting thing is the cheat lasted for a very long time then but am not sure if this particular one will last so you have to exploit this opportunity and enjoy this Etisalat unlimited cheat while it lasts. 

Without wasting much time, let's go straight to business because I can see your blood de hot

Note: Follow the steps exactly, do not miss anything or else it won't work!


✔ Your Android device 
✔️ Your-freedom app
✔ Etisalat line
✔️ Strong internet signal 


✔ First download your Freedom app here apk
✔️ But if you already have the app, then clear the Apps data and cache
✔️ Now download the Etisalat Unlimited configuration file it's in zip format so use Es explorer or file manager to unzip it

✔ Now open your freedom app
 Your Freedom app Etisalat
✔ Click on " Configure "

When it opens

✔ Select "backup/restore" 

✔ Click on "load config"

✔ Select the file on your device and click on "Etisalat Unlimited" 

It will then open 

✔ Choose anyone of your choice

✔ Then click on "Laod" 

If this show's

Config read from ,,,,,,_ then it's successful
✔ Go back to the main screen
 Click on "Start connection"

✔ And wait for some few seconds to get connected

And it's connected! Just minimise the app and start browsing. Enjoy the speed while it last.

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