Monday, May 28, 2018

What happened between Sergio Ramos and Cristiano Ronaldo after CL victory

It's fair to say Cristiano Ronaldo gave a somewhat strange post-match interview after winning his fifth Champions League title.

While the Real Madrid star was still full of praise for his teammates and over the moon with the result, he also took the opportunity to cast his future in doubt with a stunning stream of comments.

After the 3-1 win over Liverpool , Ronaldo caused controversy by stating: "It has been very nice playing at Real Madrid.
"In the coming days I'll give an answer to my fans, they've always been at my side. The future of any one Real Madrid player isn't important."

The comments, although ultimately inconclusive, sparked quite the reaction not only amongst fans but with other Real Madrid players and staff, too.

Karim Benzema and Zinedine Zidane cast their reactions after the match, yet it was the response of Sergio Ramos that was undoubtedly the most impassioned.

The captain demanded: "If there is something there, he must clarify it today. He is a key piece for us. He could not be in a better place."

However, it has emerged in the Spanish press that that wasn't the end of the story.


In fact, both Marca and Sport tell of dressing room unrest concerning Ronaldo's comments despite the players having just won the Champions League.
It's reported that Ramos 'chastised' Ronaldo in private for choosing a moment of glory for the club to cast doubt over his future.

They report that there is 'anger and pain in the Real dressing room' after the revelation with the senior players annoyed that Ronaldo was pushing his 'individual agenda.'

Players were also reportedly frustrated that he chose to celebrate the victory with his own friends as opposed to them.
This will come as no surprise to Florentino Perez who has known of Ronaldo's contract frustrations since the winter but nobody at the club expected a public comment at this time.

Whether or not Ronaldo is serious about leaving the club will be clearer over the summer but, like the man himself says, an announcement should only be days away.
Fans won't be too concerned at the moment, particularly after the rumours of last summer that eventually led to nothing.

Ronaldo won't be a Real Madrid player forever, though, and three consecutive Champions League titles is a pretty good note on which to leave.

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